My name is Christian Tschierske. I was born on April 7th 1983 in Bad Salzungen / Thuringia. Since 2022 I live in Teutschenthal / Sachsen-Anhalt.

I had my first contact with art in 2005-2008 during my apprenticeship as a cook, when I started attending seminars with Urs Regli, a world-famous patissier during his lifetime, in 2006. Later a close friendship developed between us. The aim of these seminars was to create attractive showpieces from the simplest possible materials and means.

This is the origin of my style of painting, which I have been following intensively since 2018. Namely to simplify the forms as much as possible. So simple that even a 3-4 year old child can do something with my paintings. Nevertheless the pictures should also appeal to adults of all ages. In doing so, I also focused on strong, but nevertheless stylish contrasts.

The whole is to be classified as stylised art, somewhere between naive, real and abstract art. Because of the simplification of the forms it is also very expressionistic in the end. It all seems surreal, like from another world. The aim of the whole is not to represent something perfect, but to invent something completely new and to present the whole in its own unique style.